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Steak Bake 2019 Sign up

As many of you know, the club relies on this event as the main fund raiser for the year. The more we raise, the less the members have to pay for the upkeep of the club. For this reason the success of the event is relevant to EVERYONE. While we lean heavily on newer members, we ask that ALL active members participate. The more hands working the less work each set of hands has to do. We ask that you select at least one item from each of the following 3 areas (Pre/Post Party, During the Party, and donations). Please note that time slots are on a first come, first serve basis, meaning if everyone selects the Morning shift and no one selects the Evening shift we may ask those who replied later in the process to work a different shift then they selected.

Name *
Please use this space to make any specific requests, such as volunteering for specific tasks where you may have experience or expertise.
PRE/POST PARTY - I would like to volunteer for the following time slot(s):
There are numerous tasks that need to be done both before and after the actual party. We ask that each active member make themselves available for at least one shift:
DURING THE PARTY I will work the following shift(s):
In order for this to be a success, we need all hands on deck the day of the party. All active members are asked to select a shift during which they will work and do whatever is needed during that shift. Some examples are listed below, but that is not a definitive list. The more individuals we have on hand to help the less that will be required of each member!
I would like to donate the following items:
The gift baskets are created largely via donations. We ask that each member contribute one of the following:

PLEASE do not edit the spreadsheet below directly. I you want to make a change simply complete the form again and indicate what changes you want to make in the comment field.