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Notice From Nick Stagliano Regarding Ethanol Legislation

The following was received from Henry Matheus past HRB&YCA board member.

We need to "get on" our President Elect Trump & Congress know it hurts us.

Jerry Silverman


Hudson River Boat & Yacht Club Association.

In one of the final acts of the Obama Administration, the EPA has announced its plans to further increase the country?s ethanol mandates, surpassing the current record high levels finalized less than one year ago. Despite overwhelming evidence, they unilaterally decided to increase the country?s mandated ethanol amounts requiring the American public to consume 1.2 billion more gallons of renewable fuel.

 It?s very likely the EPA?s decision will lead to more E15 being sold to unassuming consumers across the country?increasing the likelihood of a boater buying it accidentally!

 The good news is that it?s just for a year?with a new President, a new Congress and a new EPA we have a real opportunity to correct this failure reform this broken policy. With your help, we can tell President-Elect Trump and the new Congress to reform the ethanol mandate and save our boats from the dangers of E15!

 Click here to sign a petition that will be delivered to President Trump when he takes office in January. Once you have finished you will be prompted to send a similar message to your Senators and Representatives to stop E15 from becoming a greater reality.

 With your help, you will be the difference maker in making sure the new Administration and Congress stands up for boating and opposes E15.

 Don?t wait any longer, take action NOW and save boaters from the dangers of E15.
Sign the Petition

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