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The CYCLA “CYC Logo” Clothing Sale

Announcing: The CYCLA “CYC Logo” Clothing Sale

Open now through 27 May 2014


Just go to the URL below and use your credit card to purchase any of the clothing (see graphic below) with the CYC Logo embroidered on the clothing:

If you want an additional two lines of personalized embroidered lettering, you need to do the following: Immediately after placing your order, contact via email, Sharon (Nachbar) Minutolo at her email: and tell her exactly what your two lines of text are. The additional cost is $5.00, payable to Sharon by 27 May 2014. In addition, if you want some help in placing your order or have questions concerning ordering, Sharon will be at the Clubhouse on Sunday, May 18th from 9:00 AM through 5 PM. She will help you with your ordering.

The CYC Logo is the name “Cornwall Yacht Club” with the Club’s white, green, and blue flag. Added 2 lines ($5.00 additional) would be something like this:

Jane Garnsey

Insatiable III

First, go to the Company Casuals website, look at the offerings, then just order online. The embroidered "CYC Logo” will be automatic on the left upper chest area. Any additional 2 lines of embroidered text will be on the right upper chest area. That is all there is to it. All ordering will be done online at

Any other questions, comments, or "whatever,” you are always welcome to contact the CYC secretary...


Wayne Garnsey

Cornwall Yacht Club Secretary

(845) 496-5950