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ATTN: ALL MEMBERS - Launch Postponement & Pre-Launch Work Assignments

As per the 3/31/14 Board of Directors meeting, the 2014 spring launch has been postponed and rescheduled for April 19th and April 26th. This is due to weather and ice conditions in the marina that have delayed many pre-launch work crew functions and prevented members from preparing their boats. Please contact your crew chief for updated/rescheduled work crew assignments. Information will be updated on the Work Hour Calendar as it is made available to the webmaster.

Please see below for the updated launch schedule:

NOTE: It is expected that ALL MEMBERS will have their boats ready on the day they are scheduled to be launched. If you have any problems with meeting this schedule, contact Fleet Captain John Ledwith immediately. Thank you.

Marina Rule 22  Any Member who isn’t present on the day that his boat is being launched or hauled and fails to make arrangements to have someone there in his place, or any Member who fails to have the necessary blocking or stands for the hauling of his boat will be fined $250.00. (30 October 1995)

Marina Rule 24  Trailers used for winter storage at the Club will not be charged for summer storage. All other trailers stored on Club property for more than one week after the boat is launched, will be charged the summer storage fee of $50.00. All trailers must have their owner’s name attached or painted on them while being stored or being used for winter storage at the Club. Failure to provide owners name on trailer is subject to a $100.00 fine. (2 December 2013)

Marina Rule 48  All trailers must be removed from The Point at least seven (7) days prior to the date of hauling and/or launching. Should this action not be taken, a one hundred dollar fine ($100.00) will be assessed.

Marina Rule 49  Once the hauling or launching schedule is posted and a member requires a change in that schedule for his or her boat hauling or launching, that member must make his or her change request to the Fleet Captain at least three weeks prior to his or her hauling or launching date. Failure to comply will result in a two hundred and fifty dollar fine ($250.00).