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Letter from Club Secretary Wayne Garnsey re: Spring Work Hours

Dear CYC Officers, Directors, Crew Chiefs, and Members,


Spring work will begin in just a few short weeks. In order to avoid any problems with work hours, please be aware that ALL individuals are responsible for doing your hours and keeping your own record of those hours on work cards. Spring work hours are a minimum of 16. All worked hours must be recorded on your work card and signed by a crew chief. The only exceptions of this CYC rule are the House Crew (crew chief Ellen Coulon) and the Grounds Crew (crew chief Bob Wilson). These two crews work 52 weeks of the year and those work hours are recorded by the crew chiefs (because of their scheduling). These two crew chiefs report their crew’s hours directly to the BOD in July and January.


The Spring 2014 work hour cards are to be completed and placed in the box in the clubhouse prior to the July 2014 BOD Meeting (see Bylaws Article VIII, Section IV Spring Hours). The Fall 2014 work hour cards are to be completed and placed in the box in the clubhouse prior to the January 2015 BOD Meeting (see Bylaws Article VIII, Section IV Fall Hours).


It is the responsibility of each CYC Active and Provisional Active Member to contact his/her crew chief for assignment. Your crew chief may also notify you by email or phone of the dates for work crew parties and assignments. The crews (with names, phone numbers, and email addresses) are posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse and included in this email. 


ALSO, below and attached in PDF is a current list of the work crews, the crew chiefs (blue) and the members of each work crew. Please check ALL the work crews for your assigned work crew(s). Some of you are listed on more than one work crew. Please check carefully. If you identify any problem including your assignment, phone number, and/or email, you need to notify the Vice Commodore (or the Secretary) immediately. I will make any approved correction, pass it along to the BOD and crew chiefs, and clear up any problems that exist.


There is a tremendous amount of work and Special Project work to be done at the Club this year. Most likely, you will be asked to “volunteer” more than the minimum 28 hour yearly total this spring through fall. We are a “working” club and it is OUR CLUB. Be involved and enjoy working together with other Club members. We are all looking forward to a great 2014.


Wayne Garnsey
Cornwall Yacht Club Secretary

(845) 496-5950