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 Please complete the information below and the House Director will contact you to complete the transaction, including securing payment. Members must comply with all of the house rules from the Club By Laws, as follows:

House Rules

  1. The Cornwall Yacht Club, Inc. clubhouse is for the sole use of the Members, i.e., Provisional Active, Active, Social, and Honorary. The clubhouse is held as their joint property under the management of the House Committee, appointed by and responsible to the Commodore and the Board of Directors.

    • A Every Member shall be notified of the combination to the clubhouse and is responsible in the use of that combination and clubhouse, for the preservation of the clubhouse order and property, for his or her own proper conduct, and for that of his or her guests and family.

    • Should a Member find the clubhouse open and unattended for whatever reason, he shall secure the premises.

  2. The clubhouse shall not be used for exclusively personal events without the approval of the Board of Directors. Requests must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors. Such approval must be obtained at least two weeks before the intended event. Approval will be issued only on condition that the applying Member: be in good standing; accept full responsibility for the clubhouse and its property, including the restoration of the property to ship-shape cleanliness and order following the event; and must be present at the event in question. The House Committee Chairman shall have full authority to enforce the above. See Fee Schedule for amount of contribution.

    • Members may rent the clubhouse at any time between November 1st and March 1st but may not rent it on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or holidays between March 1st and November 1st . (revised 1 April 2019)

    • The clubhouse shall not be used for the storage of personal items, and none of the clubhouse contents may be removed without the specific permission of the House Committee Chairman. Nor shall the House Committee, without the prior approval of the Board of Directors, significantly add to or subtract from the clubhouse property or otherwise alter the premises.

    • The clubhouse shall not serve as a shop for the execution of personal or Club activities except by the authority of the House Committee.

  3. The kitchen shall either be locked or remain open at the discretion of the House Committee Chairman, except for uses authorized by the House Committee or for its use and supervision by a Steward under the direction of the Board of Directors.

  4. Pets are not permitted in the clubhouse.

  5. There is no smoking in the Clubhouse (Or. Co. Local Law No. 1 of 2002, effective 1 Jan 2003)

  6. The Club will pay for all gas and maintenance of club-owned grills.

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